This is a quick summary of some of the different areas I was responsible for on FIFA 17.

This is my most recent sound replacement for the Elder Scrolls Online trailer.

In this project I create a fictional first person shooter within Fmod Studio.

This is my latest Interactive Music Project within Wwise. I've created music for a Medieval RPG game which offers more complexity and variety than my first project. It is best viewed in HD via Vimeo if you are watching fullscreen.

This is a trailer for the game Spec Ops: The Line in which I replaced all of the original sound. All sound editing, foley, mixing and score was performed by myself. Originally mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound.

Below is a commercial I worked as Sound Designer on for Avante Laser and Aesthetics.


This was one of my entries into Audiokenetic's Limbo Wwise Redux Contest, which I was a finalist in. The goal was to recreate Limbo's soundscape by replacing the sounds within the Wwise sound engine. My idea for this was to try a quieter approach than was present in the original game. There are light, ambient crackles present in the beginning and then I added sound to the ominous swinging light which wasn't there before. A tense, menacing buildup gives release when the boy is out of danger.

In this project, I have taken the individual stems from a song I wrote called "Entering and Leaving the Desert" and divided it into sections for a fictional action/adventure game. Most of the music is created and arranged in Ableton, with some help by Pro Tools and Reason. The below video shows how it was organized into Wwise (once again, best viewed in HD via Vimeo if fullscreen).



More videos of my work can be found on my Vimeo page


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